Can I legally buy a silencer from Brotherhood Arms?

Yes, as long as you can legally purchase a firearm you can legally purchase a silencer. We assist you with the paperwork and will lay out all details of the application process when you are shopping!

Does Brotherhood Arms do any gunsmithing?

We do not do any in-house gunsmithing. We do outsource certain gunsmithing work such as barrel threading so please contact us about that!


**We do not offer ANY refunds on outsourced gunsmithing.**

Does Brotherhood Arms re-string bows?

Yes we do!

Does Brotherhood Arms sell hunting/fishing licenses?

No we do not. 

Does Brotherhood Arms take trades?

Yes we trade in both guns and bows.

Have you heard anything on the Hearing Protection Act?

According to multiple industry professionals it will not realistically pass until 2019. At that time prices will increase exponentially and supply will not be able to sustain the demand. 

I purchased a gun online. Can I have it shipped to Brotherhood Arms?

Yes. Whoever you purchased the weapon from will need to contact us so we can arrange to have our FFL license sent to them.

Our Transfer fee is $30

What are your hours?

Monday:       9am - 6pm

Tuesday:      9am - 7pm

Wednesday: 9am - 7pm

Thursday:    9am - 7pm

Friday:         9am - 7pm

Saturday:    10am - 4pm

Sunday:      CLOSED (range day)

You guys got 9 mil?

Yeah, we got 9 mil. 


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